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We have teamed up with Future Net Zero and CBN Expert.

This exciting partnership provides our clients with access to a wonderful community of like-minded individuals and businesses who share similar visions to us at Pause Zero. Just like us they want to support our transition into a greener and sustainable future.

We believe that in order to create that inspired change we must provide our clients with the tools that they need, tools that are simple, tools that are affordable and tools that help create the awareness that businesses need to start their carbon reduction journey.

It is a fact that as human's, once we understand our climate impact, it is in our nature to do something about it.

Therefore we are excited to introduce you to the CBN Expert Dashboard, a tool that makes measurement, tracking and reporting of emissions simple.

  • Highlights what organisations needs to do to reduce carbon in its operations and shows the potential to save costs

  • It is simple, easy to understand and easy to use, so this does not take businesses away from their day job

  • It is very cost effective as businesses will not be penalised by additional high costs for not complying

  • The verified FNZ Standard enables businesses to clearly demonstrate their progress to their stakeholders.

Most importantly it highlights to their customers that they are part of the solution, not a part of the problem. We believe this will help future proof any business, whilst helping the planet.

As we briefly mentioned above not only do you have visibility of your carbon footprint and reduction opportunities but you are also rewarded for doing the right thing as this is a recognised certified carbon footprint service.

The steps are simple:

Step 1: Commit

Make your pledge and join our community.

Step 2: Awareness

Insert your details into the platform so we can firstly understand your business and it's climate impact.

Step 3: Act

Now we have a clear picture of your climate impact, together we will look at the alternative options that are available to you to reduce your carbon emissions, energy consumption and costs.

Step 4: Achieve

Together we take action and monitor this progress with review meetings each year so that you can be rewarded for your progress.

Step 5: Communicate

Let's shout about it. So many of us focus on the challenges that climate change brings, here at pause zero we like to focus on the positives and the benefits that a business can gain from taking action.

The choices that we make today as individuals, as businesses, as communities, as cities, as countries, everyone...will determine our future. So here at Pause Zero we want to help and we do this by providing honest, affordable and simple solutions that help you get on your journey towards a sustainable future. We are all in this together.

If you would like to join our community and show your commitment. Please contact us on 0800 156 0021 or email

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