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News and Updates

Here you will find the most recent updates and news.

Launch of Climate Class

This is Our Support

Climate Class is here to help educate individuals and businesses around everything climate, energy, carbon, sustainability and more 🌿

The goal is to give you the information you need, in a way that’s simple to understand, so that you have the confidence you need to start your low carbon journey.

This will be delivered with:
- Videos
- Articles and Blogs
- Webinars
- Ask the experts
- Quizzes
- Classes

Inspired by students and passionate individuals who like me want to help inspire change. 💚 🌎

My Commitment

This Is Our First Commitment

I am pleased to share with you that Pause Zero is officially a Climate Positive Workforce and will commit to this for the future of Pause Zero.

Each month we help fund different Gold Standard verified climate projects and set some eco goals for us to achieve to show our commitment to a low-carbon future.

AND for every client, partner and employee we will purchase offsets equivalent to building our own company forest using only Gold Standard approved projects.

Thank you to our wonderful partners at Ecologi! 💚 🌲

My Core Principles

These Are My Values

So many core principles have been lost over time and I am here to bring them back.

Here is a short video where I share a few insights into why my core principles are important to me and to the way we work across our businesses.

I spend everyday living and breathing these, it makes my life a wonderful place to reside.

Thanks again for listening.

Kaylea 💚 🌎

Our Solutions

How Can We Help You

Here is a short video that gives you an insight to the solutions here at Pause Zero ✔️

Our goal is to provide honest, affordable and simple solutions that inspire businesses to get on their carbon reduction journey ,which in turn helps support our global climate challenge 🌎💚

⏸️Awareness: Create the awareness you need…

⏸️Act: To take the action where you can…

⏸️Achieve: Achieve results and create a sustainable future for our planet.

Pause Zero and Me

This Is My Why

Here is a short video which explains my why.

One of my personal objectives if for you to get to know me, get to know my business and my services, so you can make your own educated and confident decision on whether I can help you on your journey.

Enjoy and thank you for listening.

Kaylea 💚 🌎

Your Carbon Footprint Explained

Helping Your Understand

Understanding your Carbon Footprint is an important step to improving your impact on our planet.

This video gives you all the information you need to understand what this all means and what you can do to get on your journey and show your commitment 💚 🌱

'Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much'.

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