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We Listen.





Sitting on a Bench

Take a moment to pause.

Most of us are running at a million miles per hour, swept up in the whirlwind of surviving our day-to-day lives. We’re trying to make the right choices within our homes, our workplace, with our loved ones and of course for ourselves. It’s human nature.


The same is true for responding to the overwhelming subject of climate change. We are inundated with choice, and offered solutions based on financial gain rather than being listened to and supported with solutions that we really need.


We are at risk of rushing down the same path of unconscious choice making – purchasing the most expensive technology and service to demonstrate we are doing something.


But between the stimulus for taking climate action and the response is a space to pause - in this space we are able to reduce the overwhelm and reflect on the choices we make.

This gives us the space to take action from a clearer space where we are far more likely to make sound choices for ourselves, our business and for our planet.

We all have the natural capability to make good choices, so at Pause Zero we help our customers create a space that helps them reconnect with that capability.

We help you make good choices.​

A Human-Centered Approach to the Climate Challenge

To navigate our way back to our capacity for good choice making it will require all of us to work closely with one another, with compassion and empathy and we must first take the time to sit down and listen, both to ourselves and to those around us.

We ListenWe understand that every individual and business are on their own unique journey, and we listen because this creates a space to strip back the noise, to develop a personal awareness of the challenges we face and it allows space to offer true clarity and support to one another. 

Create. We understand that there are no one-size-fits-all solution and by listening we are able to create an eco-system around your needs and your aspirations.

Deliver. We understand that in order to achieve results we need access to a trusted network of experts who share similar values and goals. We work with our clients to ensure we not only create the solutions you need but also ensure these are delivered with our core principles in mind, kindness, honesty, fairness, simplicity and affordability


This is a shift away from bombarding people with facts and technical information and overwhelming them with more choices.

The solution isn’t only about knowing the facts, installing the next emerging technology, those things are important – but it’s also about helping our people re-connect and tap into their own natural ability to make good choices.

This is our purpose.

Image by Hanson Lu

The result is that we become a community of change, we don’t compete, we inspire one another, we lead by example, and we light the way.

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