Human Centered Consultancy

Adapt towards a regenerative future.

The way we interact with the environment as individuals and businesses is in a process of transformation.

We face new challenges and opportunities and the choices we make each day are crucial for our future.
Pause Zero was set up to support our people make the right choices for our planet.

The global climate challenge can feel overwhelming but a few simple steps can really make a difference.

Our energy, carbon and compliance solutions provide you with an awareness of your costs and climate impact. We support you to understand what action you can take to achieve de-carbonisation. The outcome is managed costs, future proofing your business and ultimately achieving your goals.

We encourage awareness and action through a human centered approach to business – helping organisations move towards regenerative awareness and action across their operations.


We Simplify.

We help simplify the challenges and complexities you find across the energy and carbon landscape so you can start your climate action journey.

We understand what is needed to succeed in reaching your energy and climate aspirations and we want to help.

We do this through our honest, affordable and simple service that provides you with the clarity you need to make educated and confident decisions to help future proof your business.
It all starts with the first step.

We Support.

We combine a number of different solutions to support your journey and we partner with a network of trusted energy and carbon experts who share similar passions, to help deliver the bespoke solutions that you need.

We put our heart into everything we do as we understand that climate change isn't easy, but we also recognise it's importance.

Pause Zero is here to help you adapt and transition into this new energy world in the most honest and affordable way.

We help you, whilst helping the planet.

Green Forest
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Start your Journey with Pause Zero.

No matter what your goals are or where you are on your journey, we are here to help you.
We are in a climate emergency and with this in mind it has become crucial for organisations to really understand their carbon emissions in order to rebalance their impact on the environment. Pause Zero exists today to help our clients work towards net zero goals, reduce energy costs and future proof their business through a host of sustainable and affordable solutions.